Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great Weekend

What an amazing weekend this was. DJ and Erika went to Mt. Baker this weekend on a Middle School retreat for church and they had an amazing time. They had to hike to it but they did find snow to play in! They came back with some great stories of the fun and fellowship that they had. Danielle, Tyler and I had some fun back home as well. Saturday we did some shopping and went to Build A Bear where Tyler built a bear for his friends birthday party. We went to church Saturday night then came home and watched some cartoons. Today we went to a great birthday party at Fun Zone and then to pick up DJ and Erika.

Here we are at the beginning of another crazy busy week! My goal is to post to my blog every day this week with the "events" of the day as well as a recipe, tip and website to share each day!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Time Flies

Laying in bed this morning listening to the wind and the rain and my neighbors leave at 5:30am, I realized, my baby will be 5 in just over a month! Where did the time go? They always say you blink and they are grown the saying is so true! It seems like just yesterday he was born, learning to crawl, walk and now he is a little boy full of energy and smiles! I though I would share some older pictures of the kids!

The 1st is the kids and I on our way to Colorado in June of 2004, the 2nd is Christmas 2004 and the 3rd is Tyler 4th of July 2004!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting ready for the new week!

Its Sunday night about 9:30pm. Just getting things ready for the busy/crazy week ahead. Kids are sound asleep in their beds all tucked in. Today was a productive day. I just have to say I LOVE thrift stores! DJ and Erika are heading to Mt Baker this weekend for a retreat for church. They needed snow pants/boots. I went on the hunt today and found pants and boots for Erika at Goodwill for $17 all together. Found pants for DJ at Kmart for $17 on sale, still on the search for men's size 13 winter boots. Spent some great quality time with Erika today while we shopped. I love those conversations I have with the kids when we are together one on one each one is very special!

The kids were watching the FoodNetwork yesterday and decided I needed to make Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight. It was very good and was a hit with the kids! It amazes me if they pick out the meal or help cook it they will try just about anything!

Put a plan in place for the week. I work M-F and this time of year will put in 45-50 hours a week. I am blessed to be able to work from home most of the time and am able to put in my extra hours before the kids get up or after they go to bed. Too bad I don't get paid overtime though!!

Here is the week in a snapshot, this week is a little "light" with a holiday in the mix!

Monday- No preschool for Veterans day. Danielle has dance rehearsal at 5:30pm. I meet with the apartment management tomorrow to discuss issues with my downstairs neighbors (praying this goes well). Dinner will be chicken & rice and peas.

Tuesday- Everything is "cancelled" this week for Tuesday due to Veterans day. No school, no middle school church program etc. Kids and I will have a movie night! Dinner will be tuna casserole and green beans.

Wednesday- Preschool for Tyler, need to pick up fundraiser orders at the school, get Erika to the church by 5 for worship team practice and then all of us to church by 6:30 for Refuge. I love this time of extended worship and communion and love that I get to share that with my children! Dinner will be soup/sandwiches.

Thursday- Preschool for Tyler, Ballet for Danielle, have to drop off the kids bags/sleeping bags etc at the church for the Middle school retreat! Dinner will be homemade chicken nuggets, buttered noodles and green salad.

Friday- Drop DJ and Erika off at church that evening for the retreat. Will have a movie/popcorn night with Danielle and Tyler! Dinner will be homemade pizza.

Saturday- Get to hang out at home and RELAX until we head off to church that afternoon! We will eat dinner at church at Fx

Sunday- Birthday party at 12:30, pick up DJ/Erika at 3:30 and get ready for another week! Dinner will be chili in the crock pot.

Off to bed hope to get more posted tomorrow and more pictures!

Ok so another week went by with no blogging. I read lots of blogs though! Found some interesting fun sites/contests etc. Determined to get active with my blog. This past week was an adventure. Monday night in the ER with Danielle who had a nasty ear infection. Tuesday into the dr myself for antibiotics for this cold that wouldn't go away. Finally we are all on the mend!

Instituted new chore charts this past week, we had about 50% success with them. The kids are excited about them though so hoping for better results this week. They love the fact that they each get 1 night a week to help with dinner from meal planning to cooking to clean up.

Today I am working on a menu for the week, doing some grocery shopping and trying to budget for bills, copays for surgery and figure out how to afford Christmas. UGH. YUCK not my favorite thing. Then looking at my calendar for the week I had better come up with a good plan because this week will be INSANE! More later as I figure it all out. For now going to attempt to post a picture! I think I did it! This is the group that left my house to go trick or treating this year lots of fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hmm so not doing so well at getting this blog going. Need to work on that this week. Had a crazy busy week last week. Tyler and I were both sick with the crud going around. While I am glad to not have soccer practice 2 nights a week on our schedule really missed visiting with the other moms and having that adult conversation! Had the 1st indoor soccer game yesterday which was much different and alot of fun. Girls lost but played very well! Was able to get back to teaching at church last night which I really really enjoy. Today going to get my house cleaned up and have a few friends over for a candle party that I forgot about until the last minute. Then maybe spend some time tonight getting my blog up/out there with pictures and all!