Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter is Upon us

BRRR! As I type its 19 degrees with a 0 degree wind chill. Everything is frozen and the wind has not stopped for several days. I am ready for spring! But more of this lovely weather is on its way. This freezing cold weather makes me want to bake and warm up the house this morning was homemade bagels YUM!

The view from our balcony the frozen creek and pond

Last week was a crazy busy week AGAIN. Tyler had his preschool Christmas program so cute! He was a Camel for the show and got to be Joseph in the Christmas story :).

Erika had her last soccer game on Saturday and they took 3rd place for the Indoor soccer season! They were awesome!

This coming Saturday is Danielles ballet performance at the Mt Baker theater she is getting excited! They have worked hard to learn the different parts.

Christmas band concerts were tonight and tomorrow night but are cancelled for now due to the weather.

Hope to post more with alot more pictures soon!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas!

We spent yesterday decorating for Christmas, putting up our tree and taking some pictures! We got a little tree this year its only 4 1/2 feet tall but perfect for our apartment! The kids had a blast decorating it and are now very anxious for Christmas to get here!

Here is a picture from last night enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ok Try this again

AAHHH. Ok so my plans to be an "active blogger" are not going so well! Little update..... I had my knee surgery on November 25th and it went really well. My recover is going better than I had thought it would. The crutches however are slowing me down. I had my follow up appt. on Friday and the Dr. told me I was too active for someone who had ACL reconstruction less than 2 weeks ago. Told him I didn't have a choice so my "punishment" is I have to use 1 crutch for the next 2 weeks to allow my knee more time to heal.

We are in Christmas mode today. Getting our tree, decorating the house and doing Christmas pictures! I am 99% done with my shopping already and everything is even wrapped YEAH! Kids are quite excited.

December is a busy time around our house as it is with many others. Tyler will be turning 5 on the 17th he finally decided what he wanted to do for his party so now going to see if I can pull it off. December is full of Christmas programs for school, band concerts and dance programs. I should have lots of pictures to share soon!

A big thank you to all of our friends/family who sent prayers, get well wishes during/after my surgery. We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives!