Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of May

Really? Is it really already the end of May? Its been super busy around our household. Our garden is planted, both our raised bed and our balcony garden and they are doing very well! School is almost out and we are on the countdown to vacation!

Tyler finished up preschool last week. Danielle has 3 more dance classes before her big performance. Erika has her expander in place and the braces will go on soon! DJ is busy with marching band season with several parades.

This past weekend we celebrated Erikas birthday on Friday night (had her party late), Danielle had a full dress rehearsal and the most exciting part of the weekend was DJ dedicated his life to God by being baptized!! We had a small celebration afterwards with family and friends.

Today was spent with friends playing in the pool, volleyball, BBQ and just enjoying some great company! I have included a few pictures/snippets of the past couple of weeks!

I hope to be back to regular grocery shopping/posting next month.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week of May 10th



Ok well its only May 9th but I did my shopping for the week today. I love this time of year. Farmers markets, produce stands and lots of fresh veggies! We are working on switching to alot more healthy eating in our home including alot more vegetarian type dishes (kids don't eat much meat anyways) and more organic. That is a very easy thing to do in this town!

This week I shopped at the Farmers Market, Produce Stand, Trader Joes and Cost Cutter. We are going to a mothers day BBQ tomorrow and I will be brining broccoli salad and snickers salad *YUM*.

Farmers Market:
2 bunches baby carrots $5.00
1 bag mixed salad greens $4.00
1 loaf ciabatta bread $4

Total spent: $13

Produce Stand:
1 red onion
green apples
red apples
bag baby carrots
sunflower kernels

Total spent: $10.45

Trader Joes:
raw sugar $2.99
2- red pepper/tomato soup $5.58
2 bags brussels sprouts $3.98
olive oil $5.99
chili lime chicken burgers $3.49
carne asada $10.41
sliced sharp cheddar $4.69
flat bread $1.99

Total spent: $39.12

Cost Cutter:
bacon $2.69
potato patties $3.54
corn tortillas $1.39
pasta salad $3.01
cantalope $1.77
2 cool whip $3
2 ketchup $2.50
3 turkey franks $2.64
1# smoked turkey $4.19
vanilla pudding $1.65
5 snickers $4.45
2 milk $3.78
mayo $3.89
box of juices $3.00

Total: $41.93

TOTAL SPENT this week: $104.50
Amount of this for BBQ- $20
Total for home groceries $84.50

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Erika!

Sunday was my daughters 12th birthday. I still cannot believe she is 12! I took her to lunch just the two of us and then we had a few friends over for dinner before she headed out to Karaoke with one of her friends. We will be doing her actual party later in the month because she left Tuesday for 6th grade outdoor school for the week and her best friend was out of town on her birthday.


Bowling for Junior Achievement

Every year our company does a fundraiser for Junior Achievement this was the first year our department was actually big enough to get a team together. We had a great time bowling for a great cause! Check out the JA website (linked in this post) and take the time to volunteer in your local school!

1st Week of May 2009

Above is a picture from 2 stores. I did go to Costco yesterday but did not get a picture of it.

My oldest daughter turned 12 on Sunday and her choice for her birthday dinner were: Pizza rolls, ham/pickle rolls, deviled eggs and cupcakes.

Cost Cutter:
2 totinos pizza rolls $9.58
2.16# bananas $1.27
2 loaves bread $1.54 (store coupon item)
salad dressing $2.50
2 apple juice $1.98 (store coupon item)
2 poweraid $1.00 (store coupon item)
hamburger buns $1.49
hotdog buns $1.49
whipped cream cheese $2.99
2- 1/2 gallons milk $1.59 (bogo free store coupon)
pickle spears $3.35
butter $1.47 (store coupon)
3 bags salad $3
2 ltr root beer $1.99 (for bday dinner)
2 ltr Mt dew $1.99 (for bday dinner)
2 1/2 gallons ice cream $5.00 (store coupon)

Total: $42.65
How much of that was for the bday dinner: $19.41

1 gallon milk $1.49 (store coupon)
half & half $1.99
1 box honey nut cheereos $1.87 (store coupon)
10# potatoes $1.59
cupcakes for party $6.99

Total: $13.93
of that For party: $6.99

So my party total: $26.40
Grocery total: $34.18

hummus $6.99
broccoli $3.99
chicken nuggets $11.99
butter $6.39
lettuce $2.99
Total: $32.35

Party: $26.40
Non Party- $66.53
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