Monday, November 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping Week of Nov 14th

I was in a hurry to get the groceries put away and my soup started so I didn't get a picture this week. I did all of my shopping at Safeway. They had a special this weekend if you spend $25 you could get a turkey for .29 a pound. I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year AND I hope to get a couple of extra turkeys for later in the year.

Total Spent $64.65

cous cous $2.29
Tortilla chip $1.99
4 cans corn $1.96
2 diced tomato $1.98
tomato sauce 1.00
oatmeal 1.88
2 boxes cereal $3.98
Panko $2.69
5 cans chicken broth $3.00
2 cans beans 2.00
2 ltr dr pepper 1.99
shredded cheese $1.99
sour cream $1.50
milk $2.39
pork loin $8.61
bs chicken thighs $5.87
cod fillet $4.79
red onion 1.33
cabbage 2.18
kale 1.99
parsley .99
2 lemons 1.98
grapefruit 1.29
20.82# turkey $6.04

Sunday November 14th

Today was a productive day, love those! We tackled the rest of our fall cleaning. We still have some winter prep to do. They are predicting a long/cold winter with alot of snow so we will be prepared just in case.

I am very excited to be starting a small group thru our church. This small group is for single parents, a way for us to be able to get together, connect, worship, and study Gods word. Our first meeting was tonight, an informal potluck meet and greet. We had a great time. These parents are able to bring their children and they will have an activity of their own during our study time.

I tried a new to us soup tonight Taco Soup. I have linked to the recipe. It was delicious! Definitely something we will be making again! I was short on time so I made it on the stove which worked just as well.

I also found time today to finish up my Christmas shopping list. I have one person I am not sure what to get, that is my dad. He is a hard one to shop for. My goal this year is to have all of my Christmas shopping and wrapping done BEFORE December 1st. I already have my Christmas cards and Christmas photos done and printed to mail the day after Thanksgiving.

This week I need to finalize menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and a holiday party I am having with friends. I also want to finalize my baking list and make a master grocery list for the items I will need so that I can stock up as they go on sale.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Menu Week of Nov. 14th

Back to menu planning. Well I have been menu planning but not blogging about it.

This weeks dinner menu:

S- Taco Soup
M- Parmesan crusted chicken, rice, veggies
T- Seared cod with grapefruit slaw (grilled cheese/tomoato soup for those that won't eat what I am fixing)
W- Cider braised pork w/ harvest veggies, mashed potatoes and homemade rolls
Th- Creamy chicken and cous cous soup with garlic toast
F- homemade/make your own pizza
S- Subway after church

Blog? Oh yes I do have one of those!

Ok I MUST get back to blogging. I enjoy it and well, while no one really reads it, it does hold me accountable to my menu planning etc.

It has been a busy couple of months for us. School is going very well for all of the kids. Tyler played soccer this fall and really enjoyed his team! Erika is playing basketball and they will have their first game next week. Danielle is taking dance again, Ballet II and is going to dance twice per week as they prep for the Christmas Performance. DJ started drivers ed this week and made Honor Band this year!

Things around home have been busy as well. We hosted a harvest party last month and were able to share the many pumpkins we grew in our garden with family and friends. We have been doing some fall cleaning and decluttering as well as stocking up our pantry in preparation for a long winter.

I have been keeping myself overly busy with work, kids, household stuff, and PTA. My newest venture is becoming an independent consultant for Tastefully Simple! I love their products and was always telling people about them so thought, why not make some extra $ to help replace some things we need replaced in our home. You can check out my webiste at Rachels Tastefully Simple Website

Below are a few pictures from our adventures the past couple of months!