Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grocery Shopping/Menu Planning Week of June 10th

We are working on using up some things in our freezer & pantry so that I can restock it with fresh. I also still have quite a bit of produce left from last week to use this week.

Total spent $56
$1.77 Shredded cheese
$1.98 Gravy Packets (2)
$3.94 Milk (2 gallons)
$3.78 Butter (2 pounds)
$1.98 Ketchup (2)
$.89 Conditioner
$2.98 Diced ham
$2.89 Tortillas
$4.30 Pork Chops
$4.84 Chicken drumsticks
$6.63 BS Chicken
$3.78 Tilapia
$2.99 Basil
$2.98 Arugula
$.68 Lemon
$2.78 Cauliflower
$1.25 Cabbage
$3.98 15# potatoes
$2.50 Parmesan Cheese

S- Crispy Balsamic Chicken, Roasted Cabbage, Potatoes
M- Out for our teams soccer party
T- Chicken drumsticks in crockpot, rice a roni, salad
W- Potato Soup & biscuits
Th- Pork Chops, Rice & Roasted veggies
F- Roasted chicken, mashed poatoes/gravy, green beans

Eggs/Turkey Bacon
Bagels & fruit

The kids eat at school
I will pack leftovers or salad

Getting Back on Track

Wow I cannot believe I haven't posted since February! Our life has been so crazy since then with kids activities, work etc. I have really slipped from my organized and on track self and really need to get back to it. We finally have a free weekend this weekend and that is exactly what I am doing. Getting caught up on housework, paperwork, menu planning, grocery shopping, errands and quite a few things on the back burner, like this blog post. I am setting a goal for myself to post at least twice a week starting NOW!