Saturday, May 9, 2009

Week of May 10th



Ok well its only May 9th but I did my shopping for the week today. I love this time of year. Farmers markets, produce stands and lots of fresh veggies! We are working on switching to alot more healthy eating in our home including alot more vegetarian type dishes (kids don't eat much meat anyways) and more organic. That is a very easy thing to do in this town!

This week I shopped at the Farmers Market, Produce Stand, Trader Joes and Cost Cutter. We are going to a mothers day BBQ tomorrow and I will be brining broccoli salad and snickers salad *YUM*.

Farmers Market:
2 bunches baby carrots $5.00
1 bag mixed salad greens $4.00
1 loaf ciabatta bread $4

Total spent: $13

Produce Stand:
1 red onion
green apples
red apples
bag baby carrots
sunflower kernels

Total spent: $10.45

Trader Joes:
raw sugar $2.99
2- red pepper/tomato soup $5.58
2 bags brussels sprouts $3.98
olive oil $5.99
chili lime chicken burgers $3.49
carne asada $10.41
sliced sharp cheddar $4.69
flat bread $1.99

Total spent: $39.12

Cost Cutter:
bacon $2.69
potato patties $3.54
corn tortillas $1.39
pasta salad $3.01
cantalope $1.77
2 cool whip $3
2 ketchup $2.50
3 turkey franks $2.64
1# smoked turkey $4.19
vanilla pudding $1.65
5 snickers $4.45
2 milk $3.78
mayo $3.89
box of juices $3.00

Total: $41.93

TOTAL SPENT this week: $104.50
Amount of this for BBQ- $20
Total for home groceries $84.50

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