Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ok so another week went by with no blogging. I read lots of blogs though! Found some interesting fun sites/contests etc. Determined to get active with my blog. This past week was an adventure. Monday night in the ER with Danielle who had a nasty ear infection. Tuesday into the dr myself for antibiotics for this cold that wouldn't go away. Finally we are all on the mend!

Instituted new chore charts this past week, we had about 50% success with them. The kids are excited about them though so hoping for better results this week. They love the fact that they each get 1 night a week to help with dinner from meal planning to cooking to clean up.

Today I am working on a menu for the week, doing some grocery shopping and trying to budget for bills, copays for surgery and figure out how to afford Christmas. UGH. YUCK not my favorite thing. Then looking at my calendar for the week I had better come up with a good plan because this week will be INSANE! More later as I figure it all out. For now going to attempt to post a picture! I think I did it! This is the group that left my house to go trick or treating this year lots of fun!

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Kikkinkreations said...

Hey Rach!

Wendy here! I love your site name! I can't even imagine how difficult it is to be in your shoes. It is good to see all the kids though! One suggestion, look up feedblitz and put it on your blog, you can find it through blogspot and it allows people to get e-mail messages every time you update your blog. It is a good way to let everyone know when you have updated! I have it on mine and it is a great tool!

Talk at you soon!

Wendy K