Sunday, September 5, 2010

Grocery Shopping Week of Sept 5th

This week I did the multi store shopping which I hope to get back to. I had written out what I needed and what were the best deals at each store. It did not take me much time in each store which is great. We also went to the local apple farm and picked up a 25# box of seconds for $20. These will be for lunches, snacks and some yummy pies!

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Dill spears $2.19
Tomato sauce .69
Angel hair pasta .89
2-re fried beans 2.00
Mayo 1.99
beef broth 1.25
cream of chkn soup 1.49
3 Capri Sun 5.00
3-shredded cheese $5.07
cream cheese 1.49
sour cream 1.50
margarine .99
ham 2.99
2.77# bananas 1.63
MDA donation (roundup) .41

Total Spent $30
Total savings $15.55

2 bread 1.98
22 pk snack bag chips 4.99
3 turkey bologna 2.97
6 french cut green beans 2.00

Total Spent: $11.92
Total saved: $7.96

3 Hamburger Helper $3.00
Romaine hearts 2.50
2 bacon 5.00
2 pkg ground beef 4.40
stir fry meat 4.34
butter 1.88
mexicali dip 4.99
dry onion soup mix 1.79
green pepper .69
zucchini .21
half & half 2.19
5# yellow onion 2.00
2 tortilla 3.98
3.16# cantaloupe 1.17
2 ltr root beer 1.00

Total Spent: $39.44
Total Savings: $17.45

My overall totals for the week
Spent: $81.36
Saved: $40.96

In addition to this was the $20 I spent on the case of apples. Most of these will be canned or frozen for later use.

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

Where do you live that you can get a lb of butter for 1.81 because I AM MOVING! lol And we can be friends, right? hee
Anytime I can get turkey bologna on sale I scoop it up - I am not a huge fan of processed meat because of the salt, but the kids love it - and it freezes so well, right?

Awesome job shopping.