Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th

I am in love. With my super soft snuggie and the amazing 5 minute microwave/coffee cup chocolate cake. So I realized today that with fighting this cold I have not left my house in 4 days. I need to go grocery shopping but there is enough milk to last another day so it can wait. I needed to get creative for dinner though. Looked thru the fridge at all of those "little bits" of things and put together a homemade peperoni pizza for the kids and some chicken alfredo and salad for myself. Quick, easy, delicious and kept all of those "little bits" from ending up in the trash.

I finally got the kitchen put back together today after all of the holiday baking. All of the pans are washed and stacked neatly in the cupboards. I really enjoyed having a large kitchen with alot of counter space this year! I also got my home office area tidied up and cleaned.

Best part of the day however, was challenging my 8 year old to a sing off Karaoke Revolution. The kids cheered me on as I croaked and coughed my way thru a couple of songs. And then I realized 1/2 way thru the song, that I never really knew what the words were or what the song was really about until just then. HMMMMM.

Photo is a view of the sunrise from our front yard in late November.

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