Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grocery Shopping Week of Feb 27th

This weeks grocery list was VERY small since the menu is made up mostly of whats on hand. I went to one store but then had to stop at Fred Meyer last night and picked up a loaf of french bread to go with dinner.

Cost Cutter:
French fries $3.49
2 butter $5.98
Prawns $3.36
Half & Half $2.99
chocolate chips $2.99
avacado .99
Total: $19.80

Fred Meyer:
French bread $1.99

Total Spent: $21.79
I am leaving this as part of the February budget since the $ was spent IN February. See how others did this week at the Grocery Cart Challenge


Sarah @ Life as a Movie said...

Just discovered your blog, I love it. Sometimes me and my kids like to eat breakfast for dinner!
Come join me at my site, it's a lot about movies but also about being a mom.

Sarah @ Life as a Movie said...

Wow, where in the world are you getting your avacadoes so cheap?