Friday, December 28, 2012

Menu Plan January 2013

As we set off into a new year, I want to refocus on menu planning. Having  a plan saves money, time and stress. I am less likely to grab pizza on my way home when I have a meal planned out and the items purchased. I will stick to once a week grocery shopping which helps reduce extra spending by grabbing extras every time I go to the store.

I have a plan for dinners. Breakast in our house during the week is always something quick. I do cook a family breakfast on the weekeends but always have the items on hand for that unless its something special. The kids eat lunches at school and I will pack leftovers, soup or salads to work for my lunches.

I did make out a 3 meal plan for now until the first though. With all 5 of us home for 4 days straight meal planning is a MUST.

B: Cinnamon Rolls
L: Pizza rolls & salad
D: Soup & sandwiches

B: Waffles & eggs
L: Pizza casserole
D: ?? something from the freezer

B: Donuts (free from bread outlet)
L: Spaghetti and hm French rolls
D: Appetizers to celebrate new years

B: Biscuits & gravy
L: Layered Enchilada bake

1- Turkey Dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc)
2- Cracker Barrel Chicken & Dumplings (Made with turkey)
3- Ranch Chicken Encheladas (made with turkey)
4- Hamburgers & fries
5- Chicken & cheese lasagna roll ups and salad
6- Ham, scallop potatoes and veggies
7- Spaghetti, french bread & salad
8- Meatloaf, mash potatoes and veggies
9- Taco soup
10- Tacos
11- Pizza
12- Hamburger french dips, french fries
13- Roasted chicken, mash potatoes and veggies
14- Pasta carbonara, french bread & salad
15- Smoked mozzarella stuffed meatballs, rice & veggies
16- Tuna noodle casserole
17- Pork carnitas & rice
18- Philly cheese steak sloppy joes, roasted potatoes and veggies
20- Pepper steak, rice
21- Spaghetti, french bread & salad
22- Chicken cordon bleu with parm dijon sauce, rice and veggies
23- Tomato soup & grilled cheese
24- Tacos
25- Pizza
26- Steak, baked potatoes and salad
27- Roast, baked potatoes, veggies
28- Pasta with chicken sausage, peppers & escarole
29- Kahlua pork, rice and veggies
30- Perogi casserole, salad
31- Nachos
After I do the grocery shopping for each week I will post that as well!

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