Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Setting the Pace for A New Year

This last weekend at church we were blessed with a host band for worship. As they were preparing to play one of their songs for us, she gave a little background on how the song came to be. How we are all, as a society so busy and in a hurry. She shared how she is always tripping or running into things and she realized it’s because her mind is always two steps ahead of her feet and related that to how we tend to live our lives, especially when it comes to our faith. We are always two steps ahead of God, we need to slow down to be able to be in the moment and hear what He has for us.

This testimony and the song REALLY touched me. How often am I not “in the moment” and am worrying about what I need to take care of next? How many times am I in too big of a rush to stop and listen and wait to see what is going on NOW. Even in the small things like reading my devotions this morning. I caught myself reading but skipping ahead to the next paragraph with my eyes. I forced myself to stop, start over and stay with each word. Letting each word sink in and reach my heart.  The focus of the devotion: His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts higher than our thoughts,(Isaiah 55:9 NIV). I MUST and WILL remember this going forward.
I had lunch with a good friend Sunday and she asked me what my New Year’s resolution(s) were. I told her I wasn’t sure I hadn’t finalized my LIST yet. Yes my list. I am a total list person including my resolutions. I could make a list of 50 things I want to do this year without batting an eye or thinking that was overkill, and yes, I had one started. But I have decided to simplify it. Yes there is still a list, but it is much more focused. My New Year’s Resolutions are the 4 F’s.
FAITH: I will work on strengthening my relationship with Christ.
FAMILY: I will make sure to include more QUALITY family time.
FINANCES: I will get on track with my finances and become a better steward of what God has provided for us.
FRIENDS: I have some truly amazing friends and I need to spend more time with them. This year we will do so!
I wish you all a fabulous New Year. I look forward to sharing tips, ideas, recipes and new ways we find to be frugal through this blog. Not sure if anyone will read it but it will help keep me on track and accountable! Here is to a FABULOUS 2013!

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