Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 2-5th, 2013

Eventually I will get up to blogging every single day, but it appears I am not there yet. It has been a great first week of the new year. Lets see how we did:

Grocery shopping: I managed to stay out of the store all week! I went today to do our grocery shopping for the next week and spent a total of $120.42 which leaves me with $279.58 for the rest of the month.

Eating out/Coffee: I am excited to say that the ONLY eating out done this week was today by my youngest son for FREE. He had a McDonalds coupon for a free happy meal that was set to expire before the end of the month. I packed my lunch to work every day and made my own coffee YEAH!

General Spending: The only spending done this week was yesterday for my daughters permit (yikes), and today for groceries, youngest sons haircut, shavings for our chickens, gas for the car and some general household items (batteries, lightbulbs and tp). I managed to stick to the lists on each item!

We did try several new to us recipes this week that were a huge hit! I  linked to a couple in a previous post but these were also a huge hit!

Cracker Barrel Chicken & Dumplings (I started with premade broth from our freezer-made from the free to us turkey, this saved a TON of time. I also used all purpose flour because thats what I had on hand)

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas (I made these with leftover turkey in our freezer from the free to us turkey)

Both of these recipes reheated well as leftovers for lunch the next day.

Tomorrow I will be doing a little cooking and crafting and will be back to share more information!!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Rachel!! Looking forward to your posts. :) -Shawn Ellars