Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is finally here YEAH!

Spring is finally here the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I love this time of year! A little "catch up"

Last week we were able to start working on our garden! Living in a 3rd floor apartment, gardening is not much of an option. I was very excited a few months ago when I found that there was a community garden starting in our neighborhood. I immediately got in contact with them and was one of the first to get a 4x16' raised bed. This whole garden is being built from scratch so everyone has to put in alot of work. We will be gardening using the Lasagna Gardening method. No we are not growing lasagna but if you google "Lasagna Gardening" its an amazing concept! We went last weekend and layed the 1st layer of cardboard. This past week we went and filled in our bed with about 12 wheelbarrow loads of dirt. The whole family is chipping in!

This weekend my 2 older kids went on a church youth group retreat up to MT Baker. They were able to sled and enjoy the last of the winter snow along with some great worship music and Christian fellowship. One of the most exciting things out of the weekend is my oldest son commited his life to Christ and has decided to get babtized next month!!!

I met up with my mom/sister in law/neice and another friend with the 2 youngest kids and we went to check out the Dirty Dan's Seafood festival. It was alot of fun! There were crafts and activities for the kids. All sorts of seafood booths, live music and some really neat shops to check out.

I don't have much to share grocery wise this week as I am going out of town for work for 3 days and the 4 kids are all going in different directions. I have the most awesome and amazing friends that jumped in to help so I could go to this conference. The kids are all very excited its an adventure for them to. They get to stay overnight with friends on a SCHOOL NIGHT! LOL

Above are a few pictures of our adventure this weekend.

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