Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week of April 19-25th

Did not need much this week but did have to make a trip to Costco.

Cost Cutter:
Lettuce .78
tomato .88
half & half $2.49
hamburger buns $1.49
whip cream $1.29
beef patties $9.99 (we will get 4 meals out of this box)
2 cream cheese $3.00
shredded lettuce $1.24
2 gallons milk $3.98

Total: $25.14
Our grocery store also now has a "gas" card you add up savings for gas at a local station. I needed gas yesterday and over the past month had earned a savings of .45 per gallon! That was a savings of $4.50!!

Case Dr pepper $9.49
Eggos $7.99
2 dozen eggs $2.99
5 romaine lettuce $2.99
French fries $5.79
Muffins $6.49
Total: $36.55

Total spent: $61.69
See what Gayle and the others have done at The Grocery Cart Challenge

Menu for the week:

Breakfast options:

3 kids in school will eat hot lunch at school
Youngest and I will eat at home

S- Slow roasted beef with horseradish cream sauce, mashed potatoes and peas
M- Crispy garlic chicken cutlets, buttered noodles, veggies
T- Tacos
W- Spaghetti, salad, hm french bread
Th- Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
F- Meatloaf Mac & cheese and green beans
S- Pizza @ church

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