Sunday, July 12, 2009

Changes, Changes, Changes

Well, big changes coming to our household. We finally after 2.5 years in a 3rd floor apartment are moving back into a house. We cannot wait. The apartment complex where we are living has become a toxic environment with the type of people moving in and the activities going on. God has truly provided us with the perfect house for us. I will post pictures later. It is a rental, a farm house and exactly what we were looking for in the kids same school district.

I am going to try to use up as much of my pantry/freezer before we move as I can to reduce having to pack/move those items. So my grocery list this week was very small menu for this week is below.

Dinner: Chicken/potato/greenbean packets

B: Waffles, pears
L: Mini homemade pizzas
D: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas

B: Eggs, hashbrowns and toast
L: sandwiches/chips
D: Spaghetti, homemade french bread and salad

B: Cereal
L: Sandwiches & Chips
D: Grilled steak, baked potatoes and veggies

B: cereal
L: soup/grilled cheese sandwiches
D: roasted chicken & veggies

B: apple/cinnamon muffins
L: tuna casserole
D: eating at a church event


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your move! It is very exciting for you and your children. I am a single Christian mom to four children from Ohio. Divorced. I just helped my friend move to a rental house....she is divorced now with 5 kids. Her house is a sweet cottage....a little small but she loves that it is ALL hers. I live in my original "married" home. The best part is the huge front porch!
Good luck and please post some photos when you have time! I enjoy your blog and find it encouraging.

rachelg said...

Thank you so much!! A huge front porch is an awesome thing!