Sunday, March 21, 2010

Grocery shopping week of 3/21

This weeks shopping trip was a little more fun. My oldest daughters math homework was to go to the store and find 20 items, get the item price and individul unit/oz price etc. It was fun teaching her how to read the tags in the store! (Yes I am strange)

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This weeks groceries came from Safeway.
Total spent $56.98
2 cheerios $2.98
BBQ sauce $1.25
refried beans .99
veg oil $3.00
2 brown gravy mix $1.98
24 pk dr pepper $6.99
shredded cheese $1.49
half & half $1.99
milk $2.99
2 butter $3.98
bacon $2.50
whole chicken $3.58
pork shoulder roast $6.98
porkback ribs $10.41 (didn't want to pay this much but it was a birthday dinner request)
4 heads garlic $2.00
coleslaw mix $1.79

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