Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday 3/22

Today was my oldest sons 15th birthday. Hard to believe he is 15, where did the time go? He was very excited to be able to mow lawn today, something he loves to do. His hard work this past week also paid off. We live on a farm run by an older man who has had a stroke and has limited use of his left side but boy it sure doesn't slow him down. Over the past week my son has gone out to help him several times when he would see him struggling to try to do something on his own. Today he offered him a job on the farm! Just helping here and there but the opportunity for him to work and earn some of his own spending money.

I also talked to the farmer about our garden. We are going to be able to have a large garden here. In exchange for him tilling up the spot and fertilizing it, I will share the produce with him. He was very excited about that! Its a win win for all.

On a funny note, had to chase a cow again today. This time a calf. I was out hanging the sheets on the clothes line and saw something move out of the corner of my eye. She was peeking at me around the corner of the building so cute. Got her back inside the fence and the gate closed without any problems, much easier than the very large cow that got out a few weeks ago and I had to chase all over the yard!

My youngest daughter started fast pitch today as well. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, she is new to sports. She is the ballet dancer. I was quite surprised at how well she can throw! She needs to work on her catching a bit, but managed to get thru a 1 1/2 hour practice and only get bonked in the head once. She had a few tears but NO DRAMA which is huge for her! We will be spending quite a bit of time in the back yard working on grounders and catching the ball.

Dinner tonight was to be BBQ ribs. I didn't have enough time to put them on the grill so I popped them in a low temperature oven (225) and let them slow cook for a couple of hours. Then upped the temp to 400 and smothered in BBQ sauce for the last 30 minutes. They turned out perfect! Definitely going to try that again.

All in all, a great day here on the farm!

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