Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week of 4/11

We are off with sports in full swing. Currently on our calendar is fastpitch, soccer x 3, jazz band and marching band, dance and church activities. That ontop of work, school and regular household things. This makes menu planning VERY important to staying ontop of things.

This weeks menu:
Sunday- grilled steak, baked potatoes and salad
Monday- Roasted chicken w/croutons & wilted greens, buttered noodles
Tuesday- Hamburger Helper (I will be gone ODS will be cooking), carrots w/ranch
Wednesday- Lettuce Wraps and rice
Thursday- White bean/chicken chili, cornbread
Friday- fish w/mango salsa, rice and green beans
Saturday- cobb salad w/poached eggs, mac & cheese

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