Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Constant Changes

Ok so sometimes the best of plans do not work. Last night I had roasted chicken with wilted greens and croutons on the menu. My daughter had baseball practice right at dinner time. I put the chicken in the oven at a low temperature mid afternoon to cook and it should have been perfectly cooked by the time we got home from baseball. I have done this a dozen times. This time, it didn't work. The chicken was not done nad needed a good 35-40 minutes more. So we improvise. This is where having a stocked pantry comes in handy. Last nights dinner became Chili and tortilla chips. I now have a perfectly cooked chicken that will be come chicken salad for sandwiches!

Today we head to Childrens Hospital in Seattle. My youngest daughter (9) has been having migraines for several years. They are hereditary and she has unfortunately been the one out of 4 who seems to have inherited them. We saw the pediatrician last year who told us that if they increased they would do more testing. They have sadly, been increasing. So off we go to the neurologist. We are praying they can find something to help her and help her have a normal childhood without this constant interruption. As a mom I can't help but worry that something else is going on. The pediatrician assures me that she shows no symptoms of anything other that textbook migraines but that hey have to rule out anything else before they can treat her with any medication. UGH. I will be glad when this is done. The hardest part for me as a parent is not being able to help one of my kids when they need it.

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