Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1- No fooling!

I had a good laugh at some of the April Fools jokes that people came up with this year. And even more so at some of the people that believed them! I was lame this year and didn't pull any pranks or jokes.

I took time today to move one step closer to my oldest son driving. I am having such a hard time accepting that he is old enough to drive. I keep reminding myself that my parents had to do a lot more "letting go" when I learned to drive. We had to drive an hour each way to get pretty much anywhere including to work. Yesterday I put his truck in my name and got him new plates. My parents gave him an old pickup they had sitting around which will serve as a great first vehicle for him. This week my mom is taking it to have tires put on it and then we will move forward with him getting his license. **GULP**

A high school friend had coordinated a fundraiser scrapbooking crop for her daughters preschool. I spent time putting together page packets to take and work on. If you are not sure what a page packet is, you take your pictures and pick the paper and embelishments you want to use for those photos and put them together. When you get to scrapbook you just pull out that packet and assemble the pages. By putting in the time to make the packets it cuts down on the amount of things you need to carry with you to the crop. Also, I was able to put 23 pages together!!

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