Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Menu/Meal Plan

This may end up being tweaked a bit once we get the fast pitch game schedule for April. My goal was to do another freezer meal cooking session before school starts but it doesn't look like that will get done, and that is ok. I will do it in a couple of weeks before our next freezer meal swap.

On the nights I have indicated Freezer Meal I will pick something the night before from what we have on hand to thaw overnight in the fridge.

1- Pizza rolls (mom was out kids cooked)
2- OUT
3- Burgers & fries
4- Chicken Pot Pie
5- Spaghetti, french bread, salad
6- Freezer Meal
7- Freezer Meal
8- Out we will be spending the day in Seattle
9- Subway after church (we get the $5 footlongs only no chips etc and bring them home to eat. We can add sides at home)
10- Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies
11- Freezer Meal
12- Tacos, rice
13- Freezer meal
14- Freezer meal
15- Saucy garlic chicken, noodles, salad
16- Grilled steak (or turkeydogs for the younger kids), beer baked white beans, blue cheese slaw
17- Salmon w/ Brown Sugar and mustard glaze, rice, veggies
18- Italian sausage rigatoni, garlic bread, salad
19- Taco
20- Freezer meal
21- Freezer meal
22- Freezer Meal
23- Subway after church
24- EASTER- ham, make ahead mashed potatoes, marmalade candied carrots, marinated cheese topped salad, cool coffee gels and cheesecake
25- CORD/leftovers
26- Encheladas
27- Freezer meal
28- Freezer meal
29- School carnival
30- Kids choice

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