Friday, February 19, 2010

Blog Catch Up

Ok so for the few of you that follow my blog, you have probably realized I am not the best and posting as much as I would like. I really need to change that!! I enjoy the blog so must add it to my priorities!

Our household is buzzing with activity. Spring activities are starting which in our house includes, volleyball, soccer, prepping for spring dance recital and the addition of marching band here soon. Never a dull moment!

Our weather has been exceptionally nice and has the kids and I excited about and thinking about our garden! We will be able to have quite a large garden this year and there has been alot of talk in our house about what we should (and shouldn't) grow this year. Last weeknd DJ tackled the rose bushes in the front flower beds and cut them way back (at our landlords request). The flower beds have been neglected for quite some time and I am excited to change that this year. I see tulips and the like popping up out of the ground so there is some life there!

I didn't do much of a menu plan this last week, instead cooked a turkey from the freezer and used that for several meals. I am going to sit today and plan out my menu for today thru next Saturday and will get that posted and get back on track!

I am also prepping for 2 birthday parties, my daughters tomorrow and my own next month. I have never had a real birthday party so this year I decided to throw an 80's party and am very excited!

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