Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crafts and a Birthday

Last week I decided to get a few craft projects done that had been sitting around for some time. I had finished up a stack of Rice Warmers and the headbands I showed in my last post. I finished up PJ shorts and pants for my oldest daughter and then moved on to reuseable shopping bags. I had found a Resuseable Shopping Bag Pattern online and had purchased the fabric. I found a price sticker still on one of the yards of fabric with a date of 11/21/2008. Yes, it was time to get this project finished :).

Here is a picture of my current craft area. I had moved the majority of my craft supplies to our living room so that I will actually USE it. This space is very functional for me and I am able to leave projects out and not clear them away for meals.

This past weekend was my youngest daughters 10th birthday. We have opted to NOT have birthday parties anymore but rather, to do something fun and special. She wanted to go to the bit city for her birthday, stay in a hotel with a pool and have fondue. She picked one friend to go and my mom went as well it was a fabulous time!

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