Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grocery Shopping Week of Jan 30th

No picture this week, I will get back to posting pictures of the shopping trips next week. This week I am just filling in a few items and the rest comes from our pantry/freezer. I have been trying to restock the pantry when things go on sale.

milk 2.79
cottage cheese 2.29
yogurt 1.99
hamburger buns .99
oxtails (will put in freezer/use for Pho broth) 6.94
green onion 1.29
romaine hearts 2.99
cumin 1.29
rotissery chicken 5.00
deli 6.99
2 pkg lasagna noodle 3.00
diced tomato 1.00
2 orzo 2.00
corn tortillas 2.09
chopped garlic 1.99

Total Spent: $43.65
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