Monday, January 31, 2011

February Menu

February, really? Wow January flew by!! I am going to continue with my monthly menu plan here goes! (includes Jan 31st). Towards the end of the month you will see "Freezer Meal" on the menu. I am so excited because later this month I am going to attend a Freezer Meal Exchange! I will take 6 of a prepared freezer meal and get to bring home 6 others. LOVE IT!

31 Chicken cacciatori w/ pasta, ceasar salad
1 Tacos/Tamales and Mexican Rice
2 Lasagna, french bread and salad
3 Sour Cream encheladas
4 Hamburgers & french fries
5 Tomato soup & grilled cheese
6 Roast in CP, baked potatoes and veggie
7 White Chili, cornbread
8 Tacos/Tamales and Mexican Rice
9 Beef stew with Beer/Paprika, french bread
10 Spaghetti, salad
11 HM Pizza
12 Chinese food theme-game night
13 Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies
14 HM chicken soup, biscuits
15 Tacos/Tamales and Mexican Rice
16 Baked Ziti, french bread
17 Breakfast for dinner
18 Grilled ribs, grilled potatoes (hot dogs)
19 Freezer meal
20 Danielles birthday dinner
21 Sage rubbed pork chops, apple sauce, veggies
22 Tacos/Tamales and Mexican Rice
23 Country Cassoulet Recipe
24 Chili lime fajitas
25 Hamburgers & french fries
26 Freezer meal
27 Freezer meal
28 Freezer meal

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