Sunday, January 9, 2011

Grocery Shopping Week of Jan 9

This weekend all of my grocery shopping was done at one store. This is for the menu I posted here January Menu .

I didn't get a picture of the groceries so you have to use your imagination :). One change in this weeks menu will be Wednesday night. We will be going to a family program at church that has FREE PIZZA! That helps the budget!! :)

Cost Cutter - $70.95 (spent)
Savings with coupons/sales- $30.97

Italian Sausage $4.07
Pepperoni $2.39
Basil $2.99
Canadian Bacon $2.38
Lunch Meat (4pk's) $11.96
4 Rice a roni $3.52
cream $1.99
bananas $2.05
bologna $1.58
2 loaves bread $1.54
10# potatoes $2.99
apple juice $2.79
crushed tomatoes $.69
acedophelus milk $2.39
parsley .99
kale 1.99
1 ltr dr pepper 1.50
6 cans green beans 1.98
2 pizza cheese $5.98
parm cheese 3.99
chicken broth 3.49
milk 1.67
chicken breasts 5.86

Kids will eat lunches at school and I will eat leftovers at home.

Breakfast options:
pumpkin muffins

Snack options:
homemade cookies
homemade soft pretzels
ants on a log

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