Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Week of January Recap

This week was our first week back to the busy routine after vacation. It was nice to be back to the regular routines but I was missing all of the free time we had!

This week included school, work, ballet, youth group, worship practice, basketball for band, drivers ed and church. My oldest daughter took the Red Cross Babysitting course this weekend and my oldest son got to go to the Seahawks game! The younger 2 and I had a "date" afternoon at the movies where we saw Yogi in 3D it was AWESOME! The movie was no cost to us as we used gift cards the kids received last year.

We did really well this week sticking to the menu and the budget. I have balanced the checkbook and updated the budget tracker daily. So far, we are on track with the goals for 2011!

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