Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Changes

For the most part we have stuck to the monthly menu. There have been a few nights we substituted leftovers, soup/sandwiches or have had dinner at a friends house. I am gearing up to write my menu for February and am excited about trying some new recipes.

With my job change, we have decided to scrap the no eating out/no coffee challenge as it is no longer needed. BUT we will be still guarding how often we eat out etc. It can be a money drain! That said, we are eating out tonight. LOL however, it is a fundraiser for the high school band which my son is very active in. One of the local restaraunts is donating 20% of sales to the band and they have great prices to begin with.

I do need just a few groceries for this weeks menu items and am planning a large stock up trip next weekend!

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