Monday, January 3, 2011

January Grocery Shopping

This month I am attemping to do one major shopping trip and then fill in weekly with fresh produce, milk and stock up on any good bargain sales if there are any and it fits into my budget.

I shopped several stores so far. I did not take pictures and am not going to post the individual items for this big trip but will next month.

Grocery Outlet: $21.64
Costco: $27.86
Food Pavillion: $27.93
Bread Outlet: $7.64
Asian Market: $6.87
Just Deals: $16.20
Haggen: $39.27
Safeway: $38.04
Spice Hut: $5.99
Liquor Store: $1.50
Coupon Clippers: $3.94 (coupon order placed)

Total to date: $196.88
Budget: $400
Remaining: $203.12

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