Monday, August 23, 2010

Grocery Cart Challenge Week of August 22nd

No picture again this week. Most meals are from whats on hand or from our garden! :)

Food Pavillion- $33.35
2 loaves wheat bread $1.98
paper towels .85
spaghetti .99
2 pkg bacon $4.00
veg oil $3.49
spaghetti sauce .99
alfredo sauce .99
shredded cheese 2.49
tortilla chips 1.99
10# potatoes 3.79
tea .99
lactose free milk 1.50
2 gallons milk 4.78
3.77# bananas 2.22
garlic .79
2 ltr dr pepper $1.25

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

How fun it must be to have your own chickens!!! Are these laying chickens?

Anyway, I read your blog all the time and I am enjoying it immensely.


rachelg said...

Yes they are laying chickens. We are getting anywhere from 4-7 eggs a day right now!