Monday, August 16, 2010

July/August Catch Up

I cannot believe I didn't get on here to post at all in July! It was a crazy busy but oh so fun month for us!

I took a weeks vacation the first part of July. We went camping with my parents in Eastern WA over the 4th of July weekend.

We came home to find our mama kitty had her babies! 4 kittens (1-Gray, 1-white, 1-black and 1 black/white). Sadly, 2 weeks later our mama kitty was hit by a hay truck and killed. We had to take on the role of mama bottle feeding the kittens. A friend adopted 2 of them and the other 2 have become a big part of our family! Their names are Houdini and Blackjack!

We also came back and spent 2 days at home (Just enough time to get caught up on laundry) and packed up to go camping at the beach! The beach is one of our favorite places to be and to be able to camp there for 4 days with amazing friends was just awesome.

That camping trip was full of laughs and great memories! My mom came up and joined us along with Jodi and her family, Lisa and Zack! We spent time in the ocean, on the beach, playing games, working on puzzles and making some memories none of us will ever forget.

We worked on our garden which is doing amazingly well! We spent time at parks, swimming, on the slip & slide. Making the most of the summer!

Towards the end of the month we had some amazing family pictures taken. If you live in the area (Skagit/Whatcom County) check her out! Sweetpea Memories Photography

The first week of August brought Family Camp at Warm Beach Christian Camp. A week of family time, worship and relaxation! I was able to teach the college group again this year which is always a blessing! The kids had a blast with their friends old and new. We made some more great memories with the Davis family :). If you are looking for something to do during the summer with your family, check out Warm Beach Christian Camp !!

This weekend brought back to school shopping (woohoo we are done and got it all done in one trip!).

The best part is that our church Cornwall Church held a lake baptism. 170 dedicated their lives yesterday with hundreds along the shore praying for them and cheering them on. Among those 170 were both of my daughters. When they announced earlier in the summer that this lake baptism was going to take place, they both approached me and said they were ready, they wanted to take this step in their lives. I was so proud and felt so blessed! Not only that they wanted to take this step in their lives but that they wanted to do it TOGETHER!

I am setting a goal for myself to get back to regular postings. School is just around the corner and menu planning and budgeting are going to be key this year with our schedule.

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