Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week of 2/26-3/3

Its hard to believe we are coming up on March so quickly! As is the norm in our household, last week brought some huge changes. I am reaching the end of my pre requisites for the LPN program. The wait list for the program itself is now at 24 months, which means I need to go back to work. I am not giving up on the goal of finishing the LPN program, its just not something thats going to happen anytime soon due to the wait list.

I started applying for jobs the week before and got an interview right away. Last week I was hired and started my new job. I am loving it so far and honestly its really nice to be back to work. This last week was a challenge though, as I was still finishing clinicals. It made for long days, leaving home at 7am and not getting home until after 10pm. Add to that a cold and sinus infection and by Friday I was done in for. This week I will finish up clinicals and take the written final for the NAC class and its onto full time training for work!

To get us better organized I have put a chore chart back in place. I also have some amazing friends who have stepped into help with getting kids where they need to be and helping with child care. I cannot thank them enough!!

Onto this week! The menu is planned, chore chart is made and we are set to go!

Dinner menu:
S- Stuffed shells with sauce (freezer meal), green salad and hm french rolls
M- Tuna Casserole (freezer meal)
T- Tacos
W- Garlic lime marinated pork, cilantro lime rice and veggies
Th- Garlic lovers roast beef, mashed potatoes, oven roasted cauliflower
F- Pizza
S- Subway after church

Lunches: I will pack leftovers from dinner the night before or soup/sandwich.

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