Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pantry Storage in a Small Space

I have had several people ask me where I store our "pantry" stock up items. For those of you that know me in real life, you know we live in an aparmtent. Now apartments are not known for having alot of storage space so it can be a challenge. In our apartment we have a hall closet with sliding doors. It had shelves in it when we moved in. I am assuming this would be a linen closet but well, we do not need a linen closet so that is my pantry. I also have a small chest freezer that sits between my kitchen and dining room area.

I try to keep the shelves of my pantry organized. I do have one small shelf system for holding can storage that I picked up at Costco but for me, it wasn't worth the $. I have 2 large drawers (individual drawers) on the floor that hold small or lose things such as packets of instant oatmeal, bags of dried beans etc. I also keep a box on the floor in the pantry that holds any cleaning items that I have extra of. I do not keep alot of food in my kitchen cupboards due to lack of space.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same wire shelves in a closet. This summer my friend took the wire shelves out and intstalled two white basic particle type board bookcases from home depot with adjustable shelves. They are not so deep. I like it better than the wire shelves and it cost about $100 to transform my pantry----With the skinnier shelves I did not lose things way "in the back" and it gave me room to hang a broom and use the wall space to hang hooks for other misc items. Plus the solid shelves are a breeze to clean. Just a thought! Have a good week! I enjoy your blog!