Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shopping Trip week of 2/8-2/14

I did not need much this week but there were a few stock up items I couldn't pass up and I had the $ to purchase them.

I went to Albertsons on Friday to get the 2 whole chickens I needed for today because they had them on sale. Total for the 2 chickens - $9.43

Cost Cutter:

Stock up Items:
6 suave shampoo/conditioner = $5.94 - $4 coupons = $1.94 or .32 each!
5 Campbells clam chowder- $5
4 Ragu- $3.46 (.86 each)

For the week:
Hamburger buns $1.29
2 loaves bread $1.98
2.38# bananas $1.40
parsley $.99
Rosemary $2.99
2 yogurt $1.80
2 gallons milk $3.98
OJ $1.67 (for recipe later this week)
half & half $2.79
OJ $3.00 (for the sickies in our house today)
Not in picture is a dozen donuts I picked up for the family for breakfast $5.99

credit for bringing my own bags $.15

Total spent: $38.63

I did not go to the bread store as I though I would last week so that was $10 saved from last week.

My total spent this week between the two stores: $48.06

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Missy said...

you did a really good job!