Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping 2/15-2/21

So no pictures this week of my shopping trip. I spent more than normal this week taking advantage of my tax return. But will give you the breakdown. I had received a coupon packet from Costco with some great savings and took advantage of several of those.

Check out the Grocery Cart Challenge to see how Gail and the others did this week!

Note, while alot of Costco was stock up, most of the rest was a splurge this week and I am not proud of myself YIKES.

40# cat litter $9.49
2 gallons milk $3.69
Cinnamon toast crunch plus fiber $4.49
Pace pacante sauce $4.65
Dinnon nuggets $10.59
100 ct electrasol $10.49
eggos $7.99
Brussels sprouts $4.49
Mini cukes $5.49
Beef Fajita meat $8.89 (I pkg this up and use it on salads YUM)
Sausage links $12.99
Butter $5.49
French fries $5.79
24 ct Danimals drinkable yogurt $5.39 (note- in the store a pkg of 6 of these was $4.69!! I paid 5.39 for 24 of them)
half & half $2.35
Yeast $3.89
bs chicken tenders $13.59
Folgers coffee $6.99
Granola bars $7.59
5 dozen eggs $5.99

Total spent: $142.61 (coupon savings $17.00)


Baking Powder x 2 - $1.96
Pizza rolls $2.98
Mozzarella sticks $5.78

Total: $10.72

Cost Cutter

2# Tillamook loaf $4.99
bnls rib eye $8.88
x lean ground beef $14.08
ranch dressing mix $2.29
V day clearance candy $1.63
sour cream 2.79
buttermilk $1.99
parm cheese $3.99
sweet/sour sauce $3.39
egg rolls $3.79
crab rangoon $3.79
tater tot $3.50
onions $1.31
ice cream $5.99
tomatoes $1.28

Total: $65.16
Ok. Note to self. DO NOT shop when hungry or with pre teen girls who want "snack foods" for dinner. It kills the grocery budget! I did get a great deal on the steak and ground beef though which I will divide, food saver and freeze.

Trader Joes
raw sugar $2.99
romaine hearts $1.99
Basil $2.49
Broccoli $1.99
shaved parm cheese $4.79 (duh forgot I picked it up at the grocery store last night)
hummus $3.99 (must learn to make this myself)
flat bread $1.99
Brie $3.83 (can't go to TJ's without buying it)

Total: $24.06

I must go to the bread store this week and get bread and bagels, will spend around $10.


Karen said...

Here's the basic hummus recipe I've used:


2 cans chickpeas
2 cloves garlic
just over 1/4 c. tahini
just under 1/4 c. lemon juice

Drain and rinse the chickpeas. Place in a blender or food processor with the lemon juice, tahini and minced garlic. Blend well, adding water as needed to form a smooth paste. Add salt to taste.

Scrape hummus into a covered container and refrigerate overnight or at least three hours before serving.

rachelg said...

YUM thanks I will have to try that!