Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crazy Times

Last week was another crazy week. I took Thursday and Friday off to get caught up on errands and do my spring cleaning. Well, I got 1/2 of the list done! But it was great progress.

Friday my parents celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary! They wanted to celebrate by taking the entire family bowling on Saturday. It was a blast! We bolwed and laughed and had a great time.

Today Tyler went to his friend Annabellas birthay party. Its so fun to watch a group of 5 year olds together. They have an amazing energy and they resolve conflicts quickly and move on. I so wish that adults had that ability!

This last week also included several dentist and orthodontist appointments. I think I need a punch card, 9 visits and the 10th one is free. The good news is Erika and I have found the orthodontist for her. So now we move forward with the whole process. She is so glad to be getting it done. Her mouth really bothers her, not the looks of it but pain and pressure which gives her regular headaches. Soon that will all go away .

Now onto another crazy week!

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