Monday, March 30, 2009

Frugal Fun

With a tight budget we have to find ways to have fun that don't break the bank. Here are a few tips/tricks we have.

1. Buy the Entertainment book. You can quickly save the $ you put into the book and then some. We have even been able to share some coupons/savings with others for ones we wouldn't use. You also register with their website and they email you additional sales/specials. I have used coupons from the book this year for movies, coffee dates with my kids (buy one get one free), book store, grocery store restaraunt discounts etc. Some we WILL be using are the Zoo, more of the restaraunt discounts, some of the local attractions etc.

2. Rent movies alot? Check out DVD Express and see if they have one close to you. There is one in the grocery store just down from us. For $1 a night you can rent a new release. You can reserve them online and the machine holds it for 8 hours. Sign up with your email address at the machine and click "yes" for email receipt. You will get an email of your transaction which contains a code for rent one get one free! So we have been renting movies for .50 each. If you chose to keep them past 7pm the next night its just another $1. Another to check out is Red Box which also is $1 rentals. There are frequently FREE rental codes available online just google it!

3. We don't go out to eat often but when we do I try to pick a place/day that has 1/2 price or free kids meals. In our town Billy McHales and Bostons both have 1/2 price kids meals on Sundays! Check the internet, your local paper or just call around and find out if restaraunts in your area offer specials like this.

4. Look for websites that contain alot of information about your area and events. For Whatcom County check out: Kulshan ,
Neighborhood Kids

Other resources we use:
Public Libary- Books (Obviously) but movies, books on tape and Free events such as story time, crafts and other events.

Church- We look for community events sponsored by different churches in the community.

Local Parks- we are surrounded by beautiful local parks each is unique! We have challenged ourselves to visit each of the parks this summer.

Festivals- look for festivals in your area. These are usually free if you don't "shop" and can be full of fun things to watch and/or participate in.

Kids want to go to summer camp but you can't afford it? See if you can volunteer to help cut the cost! Camps need alot of help to function and are often looking for volunteers!

More to come keep checking back :) Have some great ideas to share? Please do!

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