Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1st

Ok so I have no idea where this past week went. It was crazy busy and flew by. We had snow on Wednesday our "dusting" ended up closing school on Thursday UGH.

My kids are in this phase of NOT getting along and its driving me crazy. I went grocery shopping today and it was constant calls of so and so did this, so and so said this. I was about to tear my hair out. As it was I went shopping without much planning (NOT GOOD) and with the distractions of kids calls I honestly had no idea what I ended up buying.

I went to Winco and Costco today. I did pick up some juice boxes at Walmart the other day so I have added them in. Overall not bad! could have done much better though.

Pita Bites $6.99
Eggos $7.99
Cashew Chicken $8.75
String Cheese $7.99
Granola Bars $7.59
Danimals $5.39

Total spent: $44.70

I took full advantage of the bulk bins this shopping trip. I was amazed at how much stuff they have!

Half and half $1.88
2 gallons milk $3.96
1 roll sausage $2.91
vegetable oil $2.68
margarine $1.88
9 pasta roni 8.12
5 bacon $8.90
2 cans garbanzo beans $1.36
sandwich bags $2.13
green onions $.48
2 lunchables $1.96 (for DJ's field trip to Seattle this week)
2 cans LaChoy chow mein $5.00
1 pkg linquini $1.19
6 yogurt $4.32
2 maple syrup $3.96
1 chow mein noodles $1.24
4 4pk puddings $3.92
shredded coconut batter mix $1.48
rotini pasta $1.25
fresh rosemary $1.98
tortilla chips $2.28
stone ground mustard $2.58
grey poupon mustard $1.98
2 bags store brand cheetos $3.26
2.03 # brussels sprouts $3.00
6 cans tuna $4.68
2 lemons $.56
2 cans pinto beans $1.36
3 ketchup $2.94
1.57# acorn squash $1.22
2 cans white beans $1.36
3.90 # bananas $2.26

My bulk bin purchases:
3.67# cat food $1.80
.27# pine nuts $3.30
.37# pistachios (w/o shells/roasted) $3.67
.64# dutch baking cocoa $1.80
.02# bacon salt .18 (had to try it LOL)
3.95# white rice $2.65
.96# cheddar chex mix $2.81
.37# pecan pieces $1.91
2.24# chocolate milk mix $2.33
1.29# toasted corn (like cornnuts but not as hard) $2.90
.93# small cheese ravioli $4.03
.54# BBQ toasted corn (again like corn nuts) $.80
1.55# chocolate chips $3.10
.71# salted/roasted sunflower kernels $1.43
.60# smoked almonds $2.46
.41# hummus mix $1.85 (this is a ground chickpea mixture that you add water/olive oil too thought I would give it a try)

Total spent $125.03

3 boxes juice pouches $5.91

TOTAL SPENT: $175.63

We are pretty good for the month. I have not done a menu yet again bad on my part! So I will work up a menu for the next week based on what I now have on hand. I will check the sale ads this week for any good sales on meat.

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