Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a month!

March is always a crazy month. It seems like the time change and that switch from Winter to Spring and all of the events that go along with that always catch me by surprise. This year was no exception.

I celebrated my 35th birthday on March 17th. With my ex husband living out of the country I do not have "kid free" weekends. This year for my birthday I wanted some "me" time. The 2 older kids went and stayed with friends while the 2 younger kids went and stayed overnight with my parents. I went to visit my friend Bridget and got my hair colored (she is a beautician) then on to Seattle to see my BFF Paige. We went to the Melting Pot for dinner and sat and visited. I had a GREAT time and came home refreshed.

This weekend was my oldest sons 14th birthday. ACK I cannot believe he is 14! Wasn't it just yesterday I found out I was pregnant?? He is past the days of wanting to have a party at home. He and 4 of his friends went up to Mt Baker to go sledding and had a great time (with the exception of one of them dislocating their shoulder OUCH). Today we had dinner and birthday cake at home. I will have to share the recipe for this divine cake nothing better than the combination of chocolate and coffee!!

In other exciting news, my oldest daughter has made it into the tallent show! My youngest daughter is rehersing a new dance performance for a spring show and my youngest son will be registering for Kindergarden next week.

I am so amazed daily by my kids. They have been thru alot the past few years and I often worried how things would effect them. They are each their own person, their own individual tallents and personalitlies. I am so proud of them all!

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