Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping 3/22

This weeks was mostly meat. My son wanted steak for his bday dinner and it was on sale so I bought a pack and froze 1/2 of it.

The kids now know that I am going to take a picture after grocery shopping to they now "hang out" so they can get in the picture. Our cat Tabby even made it in this time LOL!

Cost Cutter

2 pk cornish hens $4.09
bnls new york strip steak $12.90
2 gallons milk $3.54
hoagie rolls $1.99
lettuce .58
mini chocolate chips (Bulk) .44
bday candles 1.98
marinade 1.69
sour cream $1.99
pork sirloin roast $4.06
hotdog buns $1.49
baking potatoes $1.14
bulk clove powder .18
bulk chives .29
bulk nutmeg .37
vanilla ice cream $2.99
1 dozen eggs $1.89
1 orange .60

Total: $42.38
I did notice she did not give me my bag discount for bringing my own bags

Food Coop
$3.85 cranberries (needed fresh but had to buy frozen)

Total for the week: $46.23

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Anonymous said...

It's a good thing you mentioned that Tabby was just being a "camera Ham", for a minute I thought you were REALLy trying to save money and Tabby was part of the "meat menu"!! Wouldn't be that less crappy cat in this world! LOL ~Kristen

Ruth Saves $ said...

Great deals!

Anonymous said...

Great job, and cute pic of the kiddos posing.