Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! In keeping with my goal for this year of getting better organized, I used today to tackle the worst room in the house. MY BEDROOM!! I have been fighting a cold for the past week so hadn't slept in my room (been on the couch to be propped up). My room is also my craft room. It had been used over the past couple weeks to wrap gifts, store extra items, finish and house items for a school project. Also, the kids have been going thru clothes and pulling out what they don't wear or doesn't fit and that had all been piled in my room. Oh joy.

I am being brave and posting before pictures LOL!

It took me 1/2 the day but I not only got the room cleaned but I went thru ALL of my craft stuff and it is now organized and functional. I went thru all of the drawers and sorted the scrapbooking, stamping, sewing and quilting items into their own neat areas. I also put all of my projects in process and projects to be done in one area so I know where they are.

The next task was a large mending/hemming pile that had built up. I was able to sit in the clean craft area and get all but 2 things finished. I needed a snap for jeans and a new zipper pull to be able to finish. So I decided I wanted them done. Off to JoAnne fabrics for a quick trip and back home to complete that project!

The final project of the day was sorting thru the pile of stuff to get rid of. It needed to be sorted for Consignment or Goodwill. The car is now loaded with items to be dropped off and or donated today and the clutter is GONE from the house. Well, THAT part of the clutter!

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Jan said...

Brave girl! I wouldn't post pictures of my bedroom! I couldn't have gotten it all done in one day either.

Jan from FF