Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

I ran across this quote the other day A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after. ~Peter De Vries which is soooooo true! It seems I am always in the car running the kids from point A to point B and having to be multiple places at once. Today was no exception. Tonight was band practice for one, and ballet for the other at the same time. But, it works out as it always seems to do!

I took some time tonight between running kids around to sneak in some one on one time with my youngest daughter. We spent some time perusing books at Barnes and Noble and chit chatted. Its always nice to get those moments alone with just one of them. They grow up so fast :(

I did manage to bake cookies (recipe on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag) and homemade tortillas with this recipe FLOUR TORTILLAS they were delicious! We had tacos made with some of the ground turkey I bought on sale last week for .99!

The most exciting news of the day was a family friend welcoming their sweet new baby into the world! I love newborn babies so sweet and innocent and QUIET LOL! OOOHHH and I am getting about 4 dozen free canning jars from Freecycle! Will arrange tomorrow to get those picked up. A great start to summer gardening/canning!

I thought I would share a list of a few of my favorite things just for the heck of it!
- Coffee
- My Snuggie (got it for Christmas not sure how I lived without it)
- A good Amish Story
- Scentsy Scents (my house currently smells like apple pie)
- Hearing my kids belly laugh
One of my newest favorite things is my 20x30 photo collage I had made at Walgreens. It has 30 pictures from 2009 and is FULL of memories. I hung it up yesterday and have caught my children standing around it several times sharing stories and memories of an amazing year. Below is a little snapshot!

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