Saturday, January 17, 2009

Discount Store Stock Up and Double Coupon Trip

This weeks shopping trip is a bit different. I had some extra $ in the budget to do a little stocking up for the pantry of both food and non food items. K-Mart was doing their double coupons up to $2 again this week. Living in the land of no double coupons I try to take advantage of this when it comes up.

I also used some time today to check out the local Grocery Outlet and another Liquidator store that was new to me. I am so glad I did! I am not counting this stock up in my weekly grocery budget I will put that in a separate post (however those items are in this picture).

Sunshine Liquidators

4 pkg bagels ($1.29 each)
1 box granola bars $1.50
1 jar peanut butter/white chocolate mix $1.50
1 lb. ground Starbucks coffee $4.00
5 coffee cups (for 2009 Christmas Gift box) .75
Another item I picked up were 2 packages of cornmeal not to eat but to make this fun SANDBOX project for my youngest son! Total cost $1

Total spent: $13.97

Deals Only

6 Instant mashed potatoes (flavored) $3.00
2 regular instant mashed potatoes $2.98
1 olive oil .99
1 Parmesan spice mix .99
2 bags mothers cookies $1.98
2 bags croutons $1.00
1 bag cat food $1.79

Total Spent- $12.88

Grocery Outlet

1 Cheese puffs $1.49
1 Bag Garden salad .99
1 lg bottle lemon pine sol $2.99
2 lg cans chili w/ beans $5.98
1 blue cheese crumbles $2.99
1 shakey cheese $2.29
1 pkg 18 eggs $2.29
3# yellow onion $1.49
1 snack bag fritos .99 (to quiet a whining child)

Total spent $22.75


Not going to put the price for each because I am not 100% sure. I do know some items ended up FREE. My "original price" total was $93.38. I paid out of pocket $38.83. That is a savings of $54.55!! Well worth the time to clip the coupons and shop the aisles for me this time. I did also pick up a few items that I did not have coupons for that were NEEDS at home.

3 shampoo
2 conditioner
2 of the 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner
2 body wash
3 deodorant
1 kids shampoo
1 dawn dish soap
2 toothpaste
1 kids toothpaste
1 fixodent
1 hair dye
1 bathroom cleaning wipes
1 endust
1 hairspray
1 lotion
2 crackers
1 popcorn
1 box sandwich bags
1 box juice pouches
1 birthday card

Total spent $38.83

My total spent for all of my "stock up" $88.43

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