Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shopping on a Budget

I have 2 blogs I love to read on a regular basis, The Grocery Cart Challenge and $5 Dinners . I have decided to participate in their weekly/daily challenges and hopefully it will help someone else and it will help me be accountable!

First for the Grocery Cart Challenge, check out her blog! She feeds her family of 6 on $60 per week. I have set a monthly grocery budget of $300 per month for my family of 5 that equals $75 per week. Then on $5 Dinners, Bloggers Share their dinner ideas that are $5 or less!

Here is my attempt for the week of Jan 4-Jan10th. I am working on cleaning out my freezer so I do not need to buy any meat this month.


The kids love cold cereal and as long as I can buy it at less than $1.50 a box they can eat it. I usually have toast or a bagel with coffee. On the weekends I fix a big breakfast.


The 3 older kids eat hot lunch at school. The 2 oldest are .40 a day ($4.00 a week) and my youngest daughter gets free lunch (grant program thru our school for K-3 who qualify for reduced lunch). My youngest son and I eat at home. He loves chicken & french fries and I usually eat salad or leftovers.


This week 3 nights dinner will come out of 1 whole chicken. This chicken was purchased on sale for .69 a lb its i 5.45 #. for a total of - $3.76.

Sunday- Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts/green beans, homemade french rolls.
Monday- Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
Tuesday- Homemade chicken/rice soup, crackers
Wednesday- Spaghetti, ceasar salad and homemade garlic bread
Thursday- Pork Chops, rice and veggies
Friday- Homemade Pizza
Saturday- we eat at church between church services (Pizza $8 for the whole family)


twomoms said...

I do the same thing that you do with your chicken, with the exception, I spread it out instead of chicken 3 days in a row, I mix it up, or else my family would say "chicken again"
I just found your blog from 5$ dinners, and I love the grocery cart challange too!!

rachelg said...

Thanks! My kids get tired of chicken rather quickly so I make sure to follow up with something they really like, spaghetti, tacos or something along those lines!