Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Graybill's! Well, we were blessed with a white Christmas, now we are ready for the snow to GO AWAY but it continues to fall as I type. We have had snow for 3 weeks I think now. CRAZY! We spent Christmas at my parents house in Concrete where by the time we left on Friday after Christmas there was 4' of snow yes 4 FEET. The kids LOVED it. New Years eve was spent at home with Paige who came up to visit. We did not make it till midnight we are such party animals, but had an awesome visit.

Now I am focusing on the 2009 budget, goals, resolutions and decluttering. I will post pictures and more on the blog later today/tomorrow and have added it to my daily "to do" list to post daily.


BellaBuddha said...

Happy New Year to you all. Dear Wise One, can you shed some of your wisdom??? Do your kids help you with the housework and/or do they have chores? Getting our kids to help out around the house is a constant battle! Honestly it's a battle that I choose not fight. And in doing so Dustin & I end up doing everything. I'm tired of wearing the housekeeper hat 24/7 and DH is tired of being the laundry b'otch!

P.S. We'd like the recipe for the bagels too.

rachelg said...

I'll post the bagel recipe tomorrow is a good one!

As for chores, that is a battle in our house sometimes too. My kids do have chores, they are required to keep their bedrooms clean. DJ takes the trash to the dumpster, Erika is in charge of the cat box. For the most part I end up doing everthing during the week but on the weekends we will work together as a team to get it all done. I just assign chores/jobs as we go along and MOST of the time they do them but there are days when I get the eyes rolling and the "I don't want to do that".