Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Wow where did the week go? One thing I have learned being a single mom is I have to be very flexible. Things are always changing, coming up last minute etc. This week is a perfect example. Due to snow weather, the kids middle school band concerts were cancelled in December. They were condensed into one concert that was held Tuesday night. This concert lasted until 8:30, over an hour past my younger kids bedtime, threw dinner off and the kids normal Church Middle school group night. So we adjust. Danielle stayed with the neighbor, some great friends (THANKS JODI) took Tyler home with them after the 6th graders were done performing so I could enjoy the rest of the concert. I am very proud all of the kids did very well!

My "in the office" day changed starting this week as well which works better for me but is an adjustment to my regular routine (I am all about the routines!). Tonight the older kids were at youth group down the street and DJ comes home he has hurt his knee. Not sure yet how bad will see tomorrow if its going to require a trip to the doctor. I found a new pediatrician for the kids, but a month later the office closed their doors. So I have a NEW pediatrician but none of the kids have seen him yet so not sure if I will be able to get in same day or not. OH to top it off I will have to fit in a trip to the doctor between preschool for Tyler, my work day and getting Danielle to ballet at 4pm. AAAHHHH.

But then I look at the positive side of things. 1. I have a great job that is flexible enough I can do this. 2. The kids have great health insurance. 3. I am great at multi tasking HA!

So the dinner menu changed up a bit this week. I did not cook the fish Tuesday but cooked it tonight instead (Tuesday we had a spaghetti a great stand in from the pantry).

I am messing around a big with the blog trying to get some cool backgrounds and gadgets on board. Between that and catching up with old friends on FACEBOOK which has been a lot of fun!

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