Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tired Thursday

Tired. That's how I feel today. I ended up with a migraine last night. Have not had one in months. Nothing in the house to take no Imatrex, Tylenol, ibuprofen, not a single thing. So I ended up in bed early last night. Did get dinner made, spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. The older kids went to youth group at the church next door and got home at 9 as soon as they did I was OUT!!

The flooding here is still crazy. The kids had school again today while all the other districts around us were closed. Tyler still missed preschool it was closed. So many peoples homes are being damaged and destroyed its sad. Earlier today the only way out of Western Washington was by airplane. All east/west routes were closed for avalanches and the main interstate between WA and OR is closed because the flood waters are over the Interstate.

I finally found a good deal on a new cordless phone today. Ours died a couple weeks ago and we have been using an old fashioned corded phone. Having used a cordless phone for what seems like forever this has been odd! But finally got a new one a double set for $29 on sale at Target YEAH. Kids are happy they can talk on the phone in "private" again.

Anywhoo I am rambling so I am going to log off and go to bed and hopefully when I wake up tomorrow the headache will be gone and there will be a fresh hot strong pot of coffee waiting for me! Goodnight all :)

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