Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Shopping Trip Week of 1/4-1/10/09

Check out my inspiration for what I am doing at the Grocery Cart Challenge Blog! I am working on using up the meat in my freezer this month so my menu has been planned around what I have. This picture is missing a few boxes of cereal and a pkg of bagels but they are added in the totals below. The cereal will last us a few weeks it will not all be eaten this week.
Sunshine Liquidators
4 boxes of cold cereal - $5.00
Big Lots
5 boxes cold cereal- $4.75
1# elbow macaroni- .90
Wonder/Hostess Outlet
4 loaves Wonder Bread- $5.00
2 pkg bagels- $3.61
1 pkg cheese sauce mix- $1.29
Cost Cutter
.90 lb bulk Pinto beans- $.98
3.21 lb. bulk white rice - $2.08
.65lb bulk Organic Popcorn- $.48
French fries- $3.89
Chicken strips- $5.78
bananas- $1.37
2 bags of Caesar salad mix $5
Poultry medley fresh herbs $2.99
2 gallons of milk - $5.00
Total- $27.47
I had a store coupon for the milk (saved .78) and brought my own bags (saved .10)
Kids school lunches- $4.00
My grocery total for the week: $52.02


Anonymous said...

Great job! I think it great how you can buy it bulk, that saves so much money!

Gayle said...

Super job! I love that you tracked down some liquidators.