Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grocery Shopping Trip Week of 1/25-1/31/09

First the confession. Last week I had an unexpected trip to the store where I spent $24.15 on the stuff to make burgers/fries and a few other snacks for the kids and I. While not expected, it does fit in my $300 grocery budget for the month.

Second, check out my inspiration for this at The Grocery Cart Challenge see what Gail and other bloggers are doing with their grocery budgets!

Now onto this week! I shopped 3 stores today, Wonder Outlet, Haggen and Cost Cutter. Many items I picked up this week are to stock the pantry not necessarily for this weeks menu. However, the prices were too good to pass up since I had the $ in the budget.

Wonder Outlet
Spent: $6.19

2 loaves bread
2 pkg bagels

Spent $0!! (used $10 gift card I received for my 4 yr anniversary at work)
6 cans chicken noodle soup
6 cans tomato soup
8 boxes mac & cheese

Cost Cutter
Spent $47.77
These items are for this weeks "needs":
1 bag doritos $2.50
1 Pork sirloin roast $3.18
1# beef chub $2.79
2 cream cheese $1.99 (BOGOF)
1 sour cream $2.79
1.65# baby red potatoes $4.93 (YIKES just realized how much I paid for these :( )
.01 oz peppercorns .13
2 gallons milk $5.78
1 heavy cream $2.69
Sunday paper $1.50

These items were on sale and I got for pantry stock up:
12 oz lunch meat $2.50
2 ketchup $1.94
4 pasta roni $4.00
2 tuna fish $1.00 (store coupon 2/$1 limit 2)
2 2 liters root beer $1.00
2 5# sugar $4.98
3 boxes Kellog cereal $4.00

At Cost Cutter after sale/coupons based on regular price my savings was $122.90!!

My total spent for this last week of the month is $53.96. My goal for the week is $75 so I have $21.04 left if anything comes up this week.

The local paper was also in the store today offering a special to subscribe to the paper. I only buy the Sunday paper, and during garage sale season the Saturday and Sunday paper. They were offering a special $29 for 3 months which is what I would reguarly spend on the paper, however, they gave me $10 in gift certificates to the grocery store for subscribing. I decided to give it a try, that way if I do not go do my grocery shopping on Sundays I do not miss the paper and the coupons!

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